TSA Effects is a graphic design and visual commmunications studio in New Delhi, India. The studio is a proprietorship concern that was established in 2004*. We have a small and dedicated team that has worked together for close to a decade, resulting in synergistic workflows, clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, and a level of camaraderie that only comes from time spent working and playing together.

We have a deep talent pool of contractual partners — illustrators, electronic and motion media specialists, printers, etc — to draw from, with which we are able to maintain economies of scale while controlling our overheads and operating environments. This also gives us the ability to contribute throughout the spectrum of our clients&#8217 design and communications requirements so we are able to function as a one-stop shop and remove the ambiguities of working with multiple partners.

We have an in-house digital studio with data and power backup systems. We work on a Mac-based platform with digital pen tablets, high resolution scanners, several printers (both colour and b/w laser) and use licensed software.

We also archive all our work, so five years from now when you want to reprint your first annual report, we will have the files at hand!

*Prior to this, the company was known as TSA GraphicFX, which was established in 1998.