Driving instructions from Qutab Minar to TSA Effects

These instructions assume you’re not at the Qutab Minar monument, but have come from Gurgaon, and are at the T point, where to go to the monument you’d make a left, and to go towards Delhi, you’d make a right.

Make a right onto Aurobindo Marg.

Pass by Indian Handicraft Emporium on the left.

Make a right at the first traffic light, onto Press Enclave Road.

Make the first left, at the traffic light, onto Geetanjali Road.

About 2km down the road, you will reach a traffic light at a T point. Turn right.

The road curves to the right, stay on the road.

You will pass ‘Daily Needs’ supermarket on the right, and ‘Cafe Rendezvous’ restaurant on the left. Keep going straight.

You will pass a right turning towards Malviya Nagar Market, keep going straight.

There will be a host of restaurants at the ‘Corner Market’ on your left – Pind Baluchi, Chic Fish, Wah Ji Wah, etc

The road curves sharply to the left, stay on the road.

You will pass a left turn (with a gate across it), keep going straight.

Make the first right after this turning, at the Shiv Mandir.

After ‘Style n Xs’ beauty parlor, turn left.

Apeejay School will now be on your right. Keep going straight.

You will pass three left turns (with gates across the first two), keep going straight.

There will be a Police Station on your right.

Take the first turning right.

On your left will now be the Triveni Commercial Complex, and on your right a small walled park followed by a couple of shops, notably two booze shops next to one another. Landmarks to look out for: the 2 booze shops, Domino’s pizza, ICICI Bank ATM.

Park your car in the complex’s parking, and walk towards the booze shops, orienting yourself in such a way that they are to your right.

You should see a red building 40m ahead of you. Walk towards it.

Turn left into the lane immediately behind the red building.

TSA Effects is on the 1st floor of the second last building on the right. Look for a sign in our balcony.

B97-B 1st floor

Panchshila Vihar

Khirki Village

New Delhi 110017

Phones: +91 11 29544325, 29544326