The Copyshop is our short-run print services division. While we offer turnkey solutions, the bulk of our work in this area comprises of long-term partnerships where we function as an extension of our clients’ offices.

Typically, our Copyshop services are used by the client’s Human Resources department for distribution of training materials. Using material supplied by our customer, we design, produce and deliver time-sensitive printed material all across India.

Security and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us and access to clients’ proprietary materials are restricted, even within our office. We have Non Disclosure Agreements with all our major customers.

Over time, we have expanded our offerings to include the ancillary materials that are needed for training programmes. We now work as a complete training materials supplier, providing training books, presentation posters, standees, tent cards, name badges, and a variety of corporate training materials.

Using our expertise as graphics and communication designers, we also work with the trainer/presenter to tailor-make his/her presentation materials so as to create a more inclusive and dynamic training experience for attendees.